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Thunderbird TV

Thunderbird TV (TTV)

Sponsored by Ann Durkin

Thunderbird TV (also knows TTV) is for students in 4th-5th grade. Students in TTV produce a daily TV new show which is broadcast throughout the school each day about 3 minutes after school begins. Each broadcast last about 3 minutes. In the fall of each year, students have the option to apply to TTV. They must complete a written application and then sign up for an interview. After all students are interviewed, crews are chosen. 

Once students are chosen for TTV they will be required to come to school at 8:00 AM one day a week to prepare and film their news show. In addition, each member must attend a weekly planning meeting on each Friday at 8:15 AM.

In December of each year, the application process is opened up again and new students may apply. At that time, some of the first semester students will be replaced with new students for second semester.

There is no cost for participation in TTV, but each child must complete a contract which has to be signed by both the student and parent or guardian.

A highlight of TTV is an annual field trip to PSD’s channel 10 studio where students produce a full-length news show using professional equipment. Students learn to use full-sized cameras, sound equipment and multiple angle shots.