Preparing Today's Child for Tomorrow's World

Preparing Today's Child for Tomorrow's World

Spring Into Literacy Family Night on April 3rd

Mark your calendars for our family literacy night: APRIL 3, 2024, 6:30-7:30 pm.

We are so excited to offer this special event for our K-5 families. You will have the opportunity to create fun writing projects as a family. Please see below for a preview of the night’s offerings:

I Write My Life
Join us as we discover creative ways to encourage kids (and adults) to journal. We will explore:

Journals for different age brackets
Journaling through prompts
Journaling Creatively
Journaling as a time capsule
Most of all, we will spend time on how journaling is both personal but also can take on different customized forms that will actually get writers to look forward to writing about their lives!

The Best Part of Me!
Physical traits are often handed down to our children and are so special. For example, some have smiling eyes or curly hair or an olive complexion. During this session, parents will help their children identify and write about a special physical characteristic that runs in the family! We'll also take a picture to create a frame-worthy memento.

Prehistoric T-ext!
Imagine a world without memes, without emails, without text messages, and without… (dramatic pause) internet!! We welcome you to accompany us on a journey through time to a world where communication without modern technology happened every single day. A time where screens were but a dream, and paper ruled the planet. A time where entire words were written using all their letters. Then, the words were placed into envelopes and sent to others via a system we now call “snail mail.” In other words (pun intended), please, join us for a fun night of prehistoric texting to friends and family!

A Family Adventure!
When you are done with this session, you will walk away with a story based on a fun adventure you did with your family. The unique and fun aspect of this family writing project is the story will be told from all your perspectives! Come join this adventure to create a special memento of a great family memory.

We will also have door prizes, session give aways, and family fun! We hope to see you there! Please look for an invitation soon and an opportunity to RSVP. Each offering will have two sessions so your family can pick two! First session will be from 6:30 pm- 7:00 pm and the second session will be from 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm. Johnson Elementary’s SPRING into Literacy Family Night!

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