Johnson Elementary School

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Keyboarding practice lessons

Practice typing the following words. Remember to cover your fingers so you don't look at them. This will help you increase your speed.

5.1.and 4.2 ABCDEFG

add, bad, age, aced, egg, face, feed, fed, bed, caged


add, bad, ace, dad, deed, bed, bead, aced, cab, dab


 had, hid, big, edge, badge, high, cab, if, add, hide, dig, fig, ace, cage, fidget, bad, feed 


a dad did a jig, a big kid a jock kid
a lid caged a hag, feel fell bed bead

1.m Midway A-L

a hag led a babe and called a dad
feel a jab high and a kid 
cake and beef and jellied feed

5.4 A-P

a dog fell in a pile of logs
a man and a lad pop balloons high
bake a cake 
do a jig and a dance

5.5 A-S

a man and a las ran a quick race

quail are birds and so are pheasants

5.6 A-V

I vote in all elections.

It is quite possible that vans and cars don't run at the same speed.