Preparing Today's Child for Tomorrow's World

Preparing Today's Child for Tomorrow's World

School Unified Improvement Plan

Each year, Johnson's School Unified Improvement Plan (SUIP) is developed through collaboration with our School Accountability and Advisory Committee, our Shared Leadership Team, and our whole staff. Our SUIP outlines the steps we are taking or will take towards continuous school improvement. Our SUIP is then posted the the state website where it becomes a public document. Our major improvement strategies for 2019-2020 were the following:

1.  Study Differentiation: Staff will use differentiation instructional strategies to provide access for all learners. 

2.  Build Collective Teacher Efficacy: Through the study of impact team practices, teachers will build their collective teacher efficacy.  

For the 2020-2021 school year, the Colorado Department of Education did not require a school unified improvement plan. Instead, we concentrated on how to build a school system to support student learning, staff and student social emotional well-being, and support community needs during a pandemic. We will update this portion of our website when we have a new school unified improvement plan that will outline Covid recovery during year one and getting "back on track."